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Business visa to operate a business in South Africa

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

We often hear from travellers ‘ I only received 7 days at immigration when I entered South Africa and not my normal 90 days’.

Here is one reason why you most likely received only seven (7) days –
“A person, other than a resident from a country which shares a border with South Africa, and who is in possession of a visa will be readmitted on the same visa and where such a visa expired, will receive a new visa for a period not exceeding 7 days.” This is a process we call ‘border hopping.’ However, if the person returns from their home country, the traveller will receive a new visa not exceeding the period stipulated as per treaty agreements (between 30 – 90 days).
Travellers may be refused entry into South Africa, based on the following reasons –
  1. You are an illegal person;

  2. You are a prohibited person;

  3. You were previously declared undesirable and the undesirable status has not been lifted;

  4. You are in contravention of the Immigration Act by producing a visa that’s different to the activities to be undertaken in South Africa;

  5. You are a fugitive from justice;

  6. You are in possession of a fraudulent visa or permit;

  7. You are in possession of a fraudulent passport; or

  8. You provided the immigration officer with incorrect or false information knowing it’s incorrect or false

Lastly, please ensure you are in possession of a passport –
  • That is machine-readable (handwritten passports are no longer accepted);

  • That has a validity of no less than thirty (30) days after your intended departure date from South Africa; and

  • That have at least two (2) blank pages before flying to South Africa

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