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Assignments and Intra Company Transfers

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

The world is once again buzzing! With buzzing comes work and with work comes assignments. Borders are now fully opened, and mobility is on the rise again.

Intra Company Transfers to South Africa are usually assignments where a nominated and qualified assignee gets sent from a home employing entity abroad to its South African branch, affiliate or subsidiary. For this purpose, the intra company transfer work visa can be applied for.
The nominated assignee, however, must have a valid employment contract with the overseas entity and must have worked for the entity for at least six (6) months. As part of the assignment, the South African entity needs to ensure there is a Transfer of Skills plan in place and that at least one local (SA citizen or Permanent residence holder) has been nominated to receive the skills training during the assignee’s assignment in South Africa.
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