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At Moving South Immigration, we understand that navigating visa immigration South Africa can be daunting, leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed. Our seasoned team is committed to addressing all your inquiries with expertise, drawing on both legal knowledge and practical experience.

Our FAQ section covers everything you need to know about different visa types, including business visas, tourist visas, and critical skills visas, along with their key requirements and processes.

Rest assured, we always provide up-to-date and relevant information about South Africa and its immigration procedures.

Feel free to reach out to our experts for assistance in ensuring a smooth immigration journey or to assess your eligibility for a South African visa.

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What we do

Our services encompass various aspects of visa immigration in South Africa, including assistance with business, tourist, and critical skills visas. In addition, we provide support for Forex transactions, South African document procurement and legalization/authentication, immigration audits, D-I-Y service packages, quality assurance on visa packs, and compliance services.

Long-term visitor’s visa

A long-term visitor’s visa may be issued to a foreigner who intends to conduct activities

Exchange visa

Exchange students need to comply with the relevant prescribed requirements of the immigration law.

Retired visa

A retired visa may be issued to a foreigner who wishes or intends to retire in South Africa.

General work visa

A general work visa may be issued to a foreign national who does not qualify for any other South African work visa.

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