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General work visas and what you should know

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

A general work visa may be applied for if an applicant does not qualify for other South African work visas. Although this is the most onerous work visa process of all, it still provides hope for individuals who received an offer of employment from a South African company.

Part of the visa process is that the Department of Labour needs to issue a letter of recommendation confirming that –
  • despite a diligent search, a suitable South African citizen or permanent residence holder could not be found for the occupation;

  • the salary that the applicant will earn is market-related and will not be inferior to the salary which a South African citizen or permanent residence holder will earn in a similar occupation;

  • the applicant has the necessary qualifications, skills and relevant work experience in line with the job offer;

  • the contract of employment is in line with the labour standards of South Africa and that the contract is issued on condition that a general work visa is approved and issued.

The application for a labour recommendation must be submitted to the Department’s provisional office at first. Ater advertising the position in a national newspaper, a site inspection and review from the Head Office, a decision will be made.
Should the prospective employer wish not to go through the labour process, they may ask the Department of Home Affairs to waive this particular requirement. An application must be submitted by the applicant, in person, at the South African mission or at VFS in South Africa and will be adjudicated based on merit.
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