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Relative's visas - Who is eligible to apply?

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

What is a Relative’s visa?

A relative’s visa may be applied for by a foreign family member within the first and second step of kinship of the South African (SA) citizen or permanent residence (PR) holder. This can be a biological and legally adopted child, spouse, parent or sibling of the SA citizen or PR holder and the relevant proof of kinship must be submitted.
It is very important to know, though, that the SA citizen or PR holder must provide proof of the prescribed R8 500 per month and must also give written assurance thereof. If the minor child is the SA citizen or PR holder, there would be need for the financial assurance to be included.
A Relative’s visa does not allow employment or any other activity within the Republic and only serves as a legal residence to be with the SA citizen or PR holder.

Permanent Residence:

When it comes to permanent residence based on the SA relative, only those within the first step of kinship may apply. This excludes siblings from submitting an application for permanent residence based on their SA relative.

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