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Tourist visas - how to extend your holiday visa in South Africa

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

It’s tourism season in South Africa and we are certainly looking forward to the business and buzz of the holiday period.

We have had numerous enquirers stunned as they did not know that they could extend their tourist visas by a further 90 days within South Africa. Our beautiful South Africa has much to offer every tourism season and whilst you are enjoying our wonderful beaches, wine farms, garden routes and wild parks, let us help you extend your visa to ensure you have the maximum time of relaxation and appreciation of what South Africa has to offer.
Quintessential documents for the extension process –
  • Passport
  • Proof of valid entry into South Africa
  • Proof of sufficient funds for duration of stay in South Africa
  • Proof of accommodation for duration of stay in South Africa
  • Departure flight back to home country

Feel free to speak to us about your extension process. We can be contacted via our website www.movingsouthimmigration.com or alternatively reach out to us via email or telephone on [email protected] or +27735357534.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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