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Transfer of visa applications within South Africa

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

This brief notification about transfer of visa applications is based on what we have been advised by the VFS office.

The following conditions are ONLY appliable to ensure the acceptance of a transfer of visa application –

  • A valid visa in a stolen or lost passport. An affidavit from the police station must be submitted as part of the application.

  • A valid visa in a passport that has been damaged; or

  • A valid visa in a full passport (no blank pages for further endorsement). In this instance, the VFS office will verify this claim at the time of submission of application at VFC.

The applicant must already be in possession of a newly issued passport.

In all other instances, the applicant will be required to submit an application to renew his or her visa and this will come at a full VFS and Home Affairs fee, where applicable.

For further information regarding the transfer of visa application process, please contact us via our Contact Form on www.movingsouthimmigration.com. Alternatively, we may be contacted on +2773 5357 534 or [email protected]

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