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Critical skills - professional body membership validity

Posted by Sue-Allan Mehl

We previously wrote about critical skills work visa applications and professional body memberships and wish to send a reminder to individuals who are in possession of critical skills work visas, as well as those individuals who are awaiting their critical skills work visa application outcomes to ensure that they keep their respective professional body memberships valid at all times.

As part of the process, the Department of Home Affairs reserves the right to contact the relevant professional bodies and enquire about the validity of memberships. Whilst we acknowledge that the long waiting time is frustrating and partly to blame for individuals’ memberships lapsing, we urge applicants to ensure their memberships are kept up to date, avoiding a potential rejection with reason of ‘no valid membership’ or ‘membership missing’.
For more information about the professional body membership process or critical skills work visa process, please reach out to us via our Contact Form on www.movingsouthimmigration.com. Alternatively, we are available on +2773 5357 534 or [email protected]

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